Q: I'm a beginner/I’m not sure if I am fit enough for VP Fit

A: We all start as a beginner at some point. Every class and movement we do here is scalable to suit your needs. We often assist new members one on one during class to make sure you are moving correctly and feeling comfortable. Our members here are very supportive also. Our onboarding sessions are encouraged so that we can see how you move before you start a class and if there’s any adjustments that we need to make. These are also great for your confidence as well.

Q: What is your timetable and classes?

A: You can find our timetable and classes on our website

Q: What services do you offer?

A: Class-based memberships,

Sauna Memberships,

Personal Training/Onboarding,

Evolt Body Scanner on location at VP Fit

Class and Sauna Drop-ins

Class and Personal Training Packs

Q: Is there a lock in contract?

A: No, at VP Fit we do not lock in our members; however, we do request a one-month cancellation notice.

Q: Can I put my membership on pause?

A: Of course, we require two weeks’ notice and pause for a minimum of 2 weeks. We offer 2 free pauses per member, if you exceed those numbers, each pause thereafter will cost $25.

Q: What is your cancellation policy

A: A one month notice of cancellation is all we require.

Q: How do I book into my classes?

A: Book into our classes via the Mindbody app.


Step 1: Download the MINBODY App

Once you’ve downloaded the App, go ahead, and create an account.

Don’t forget to find the verification email sent to you by MINDBODY, and click verify before returning to the App.

If you have an existing MINDBODY account, you can use this without the need to create a new profile.

*To ensure you have the correct App, search for “MINDBODY Fitness” in your App store.

Step 2: Locate VP Fit on your App

Now you’re set up, you need to locate VP Fit from the list of businesses.

From the Home Screen, type VP Fit in the search field at the top of your screen.

Click Businesses below this to restrict your search. You may need to allow your phone to access your location. Scroll down until you find us in the list.

Click on VP Fit and favourite us by clicking the  symbol.

Step 3: Book via the app

Now that you have your Online Access, you can start to book your classes!

Click ‘View Schedule’ at the bottom of your screen after clicking on VP Fit from your favourites list on your App and then book into your chosen classes.

Q: Is it a dog friendly gym?

A: Yes, we love our dogs, but we politely ask our members to respect the facilities.